Werner Hirschmann, former U-boat Officer

EVENT DATE: May 12, 2005
TOPIC: Another Time, Another Place

Werner grew up in Germany and served in the Second World War as an engineer officer on U Boats.  On the 60th anniversary of the end of that war, Werner spoke to the membership about those years.  He recounted the many interesting episodes of his naval career, including serving on the destroyer that escorted the Bismarck on her last operation.  On his last patrol to North America, his submarine U-190 sank HMCS. Esquimalt, the last Canadian warship to be lost during the war.  After his submarine surrendered to the Canadian navy in 1945, he spent a period in Canada and Britain as a prisoner-of-war before being repatriated to Germany.  In the 1950’s he emigrated to Canada.  He is an honorary member of the veterans’ association HMCS Esquimalt of the warship his U-boat sank.  He remained close to many of the sailors from that ship and spent time in Esquimalt at many of their ceremonies.  Our membership was pleased to be able to hear a first hand account from a German submariner who spent his time at sea, and was able to provide a commentary on what it was like.  Werner also wrote an award winning book ANOTHER PLACE, ANOTHER TIME – A U Boat Officer’s Wartime Album.  He has also been an active member of many Canadian Naval Associations and Clubs.

Summary by Bradley Sumner