Manfred Bienefeld, Professor Emeritus, Policy Studies, Carleton University

EVENT DATE: May 10, 2017
TOPIC: Making Sense of the Geopolitical Crisis: Will it be resolved peacefully?

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Dr. Manfred Bienefeld is an economist and Professor Emeritus of Carleton University’s School of Public Administration. He was full professor there from 1986 – 2012. Prior to that he was a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex (UK) from 1972 – 1986.

Dr. Bienefeld is a graduate (Ph, D.) of the London School of Economics. He has worked extensively in the field of international development, most recently focusing on the impacts of globalisation and financial deregulation, on the ability of national societies to make economic, social and political policy choices. He has warned of the dangers inherent in neoliberalism’s  excessive reliance on market forces. 

He has lived and worked in Africa, the Pacific region, Southern Europe and in Russia, Vietnam, China and Cuba. He has published books and papers on the challenges of national policy making. He has been a visitor and speaker at universities around the world and worked with governments, trade unions and international organizations.

At Carleton he coordinated the Development Administration program in the School of Public Policy and Administration, and served on the university’s Board of Governors. Now  retired, he is Vice Chair of the Group of 78, an Ottawa based foreign policy pressure group founded over thirty years ago, including some of Canada’s leading civil servants, intellectuals and public figures.