Janice Mady, Director, and Rick Boswell, Assistant Director, Innovation Park

EVENT DATE: April 11, 2019
TOPIC: Innovation Park, and the Queen’s University Office of Partnership and Innovation

As leaders at the Queen’s University Innovation Park, Janice Mady and Rick Boswell are instrumental in supporting an environment where start up clients can thrive and grow their businesses.

Janice’s 35 year career has taken her from years in industry to subsequent work in the area of climate change with the BIOCAP Canada Foundation, and then to the university sector at Queen’s. As Director of Research and Innovation Partnerships at Queen’s she sets strategic direction for and leads the Research Partnerships, Research Contracts, and Regional Innovation Units. Her work helps advance collaboration between the different sectors, and creates opportunities for Queen’s students, faculty, and organizations in our community.

Rick has been working in the research and innovation sector for over 30 years, all at Queen’s. He began in the Department of Chemistry, overseeing the largest growth in its history. In 2008 he moved to Innovation Park at Queen’s as its first team member. As Assistant Director he helps set up collaborative environments for start up clients so they can become a part of the regional innovation ecosystem.

The audience learned how Janice and Rick and the Innovation Park team have helped to establish a vibrant innovation culture and community, to the benefit of Kingston and its residents.