Ernesto Senti Darias – Cuban Ambassador to Canada

EVENT DATE: April 13, 2006
TOPIC: Cuba Today

The Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba, Mr. Ernesto  Senti Darias’ address was “ CUBA TODAY”.  At the time of his comments the Cuban people continue to endure almost a half a century of sanctions from the United States.  The President of Cuba, Fidel Castro, has held power over the same period as ten different U.S. Presidents.  The Ambassador emphasized the importance of human relationships for each other in this world.   He was particularly proud that Centifegues, Cuba and Kingston, Ontario formed the first formal sister-city partnership in Canada.  He mentioned that Cuba has a very large Terry Fox Run, second only to Canada.  Millions of Cubans participate and he noted that some from Kingston join in the run.  He stressed his and Cuba’s thanks for the warm relationship that Canada has had with Cuba for such a long time.  Health care, medicine and education are areas where Cuba has provided assistance to its citizens and where Canada has and will continue to find further opportunities.  The Ambassador’s wife accompanied him.  She has been prominent in Cuba for advancing the causes of women.

Many club members asked questions and The Ambassador was forthright in his response.  Thanks were given to him for honouring The Club and Kingston with his presence.

Summary by Bradley Sumner