Dr. Jane Errington , Professor, Department of History and War Studies, RMC

EVENT DATE: December 14, 2011
TOPIC: A Vain Hope for Peace’: Reluctantly going to war in 1812

Dr. Jane Errington received her BA from Trent University and a BEd at the University of Toronto. After teaching high school for four years, she completed both her MA and Ph.D. at Queen’s University. Her graduate studies focused on the history of colonial societies in North America, and particularly on the intellectual, political and social development of Upper Canada.

Dr. Errington recently retired from RMC – where she was Dean of Arts and a member of the Department of History. She continues to be a member of the Department of History here at Queen’s, teaching a graduate course in Colonial North America and supervising students. Her research interests continue to centre on life in 19th century Upper Canada and imperial-colonial connections. She has two new projects on the go:  the intellectual and cultural connections between the colony and the metropole as seen through the work of colonial benevolent societies; and a study of imperial masculinity as seen through the creation and early years of RMC.

Her most recent important publications are: Emigrant Worlds and Transatlantic Communities: Migration to Upper Canada in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century: (Kingston & Montreal, Mc-Gill Queen’s University Press, 2007) and Women and Work in Upper Canada, (Ottawa: Canadian Historical Association, 2007).