Chris Boyce, Executive Director of Radio and Audio, CBC English Services

EVENT DATE: April 9, 2014
TOPIC: The Future of Radio and the CBC’s Connexions to Canadians

Chris Boyce provided an interesting, information-packed presentation on the CBC Radio’s current situation in respect of its future and its inter-relationships with the Canadian public.

As Executive Director, Chris Boyce is responsible for programming and day-to-day operations of CBC Radio and for carrying out its strategic plan. He oversees programming and schedules for two national over-the-air networks, one digital music service, and 35 local stations across Canada.

Mr Boyce has developed numerous CBC programs including Q, Wiretap, Age of Persuasion, White Coat Black Art, Spark, and Randy Bachman’s Vinyl Tap. Under his direction, CBC Radio has achieved some of its strongest audiences in recent years. He lives in Toronto and is a graduate of the Radio & Television Arts program at Ryerson University.