Catherine Latimer, Executive Director, John Howard Society Canada

EVENT DATE: January 9, 2013
TOPIC: Challenges for Corrections Canada: closures, crowding, commerce

The John Howard Society of Canada is an organization of provincial and territorial societies responding to problems of crime and the criminal justice system. It works with people who have come into conflict with the law; it advocates changes in the criminal justice process; and it promotes crime prevention through community and social development activities.

Catherine Latimer was appointed its Executive Director in 2011. Previously, she held senior positions in the federal government, serving in the Solicitor General’s Office, Privy Council Office, and Department of Justice, where she was the Director General responsible for youth justice and national drug strategy. She has worked on issues relating to legal aid, sentencing, victims, and firearms.

Ms Latimer has a BA (Psychology and Sociology) from Waterloo, LL B (Law) from Queen’s, and M Phil (Criminology) from Cambridge. She lives in Kingston.