Brigadier-General (Retired) Don Macnamara, Senior Fellow, Queen’s University Centre for International Relations

EVENT DATE: January 15, 2004
TOPIC: Understanding Canada’s National Security Interests

Don Macnamara provided a comprehensive overview of the highlights of the ever-changing Canadian National Security situation, within a Department of National Defence perspective.  He summarized the current status of the state of major conflicts throughout the world.  Don explained the role of national security within the context of a definition as National security is the matter of guarding national values and interests from both internal and external dangers.  He described the Canadian national values and interests, covering the total spectrum of sectors that are the most significant to Canadians.  Outlining Canadian security concerns, within an international context, he described the security interests for Canada. Don described briefly a security policy framework for Canada, and followed that up with a series of insightful questions relating to the future of Canadian national security policy and its implementation.  In all, Don stimulated some provocative thinking in respect of Canada in an uncertain ever-changing world, full of serious threats to our national well-being.

Summary by Bruce Morris