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Speaker: Helen Humphreys, Kingston Author

Topic: "How a Novel is Written - A Craft Talk "


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Helen Humphreys is the author of five books of poetry, ten novels, and three works of creative non-fiction. She was born in Kingston-on-Thames, England, along with her brother Martin and sister Cathy, and now lives in Kingston, Ontario with her dog Charlotte.  

Her novels have won many awards, and were often shortlisted for others.  One was recreated as a stage play, some were Canada Reads selections, and many were national best sellers.  Her latest poetry collection, Anthem (1999), also won an award, and her critically acclaimed memoir, Nocturne: On the Life and Death of My Brother, was a finalist for the Trillium Book Award.

  Description: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/lx9agGvx6Xl1v4YcajQubGNj7BHf0Wj4PYHE5cPGNikBfUeUTlLM8zIVEGL_MU750R7sF8K8K_8xCHucx-K901o3LAKg_NFAYc7FMLJxGQ4diAog7bv_1PbQKjk2hG6yNw

Her 2015 novel, The Evening Chorus, was nominated for a Governor General's Literary Award, and was a national best seller. It traces a search for beauty, meaning and love that begins in a German prisoner of war camp during World War II. The book "cements her unofficial title as Canadian Author Most Likely To Move You To Tears", said CBC's Canada Reads. Her latest novel, Machine Without Horses, was released in September of 2018.

Helen Humphreys' writings, and all the awards and accolades she has received, are a credit to her talent, ability and popularity as an author. Her body of work - poetry, novels and nonfiction - now stretches back over three decades.  According to Kingston Writers Fest 2015, the best writing advice Helen Humphreys ever received applies equally to life. She says. "Simply pay attention to where you are 'emotionally and physically' and work from there."

From: https://biblioottawalibrary.ca/en/blogs/meet-canadian-author-helen-humphreys


Helen Humphreys is the award-winning author of numerous works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, including the novel Coventry, a Globe and Mail Best Book of the Year, and the memoir Nocturne, nominated for the Trillium Book Award. Her novel The Evening Chorus was nominated for the Governor General's Award in 2015.    

 Humphrey's latest book, The Ghost Orchard, explores the history of the apple in North America.  Inspired by the discovery of a rare and delicious apple in an abandoned orchard near her home, the author delved into the history of the fruit.  An engaging storyteller, Humphreys brings to light diverse aspects of the apple's history, from how the fruit first came across the Atlantic Ocean to the cataloguing of over 17,000 varieties by the U.S. Department of Pomology, to little-known stories of poets, artists, and thinkers who were inspired by this humble fruit.

The Ghost Orchard, however, is more than a history, as Humphreys writes about undertaking the research while one of her closest friends was suffering from a terminal illness.  With her signature lyrical prose, Humphreys weaves insights about illness and friendship into this fascinating history, resulting in a book both personal and universal.

The luncheon will be held at the Cataraqui Golf and Country Club, Banquet Hall, Kingston.  It will start with a cash bar at 11:30 a.m., followed by lunch at 12 noon.

 The Canadian Club is an apolitical community-based organization that arranges monthly meetings at which distinguished speakers address its members on subjects of national or international significance.  It typically meets on the second Wednesday of each month, from October to May.  Each luncheon meeting features a speaker on a current topic of special interest to Canadians.

Members of the public are welcome. Cost of this luncheon is  $30 for members and $38 for non-members. Reservation for the luncheon is required and can be made by either responding to the email for the particular luncheon, or telephoning the Canadian Club Kingston at 613-530-2704, preferably one week before the day of the luncheon.

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